Resistance: Rio's Different Face of Fashion

Founded 15 years ago in Jacarezinho, one of the biggest favelas in Rio de Janeiro, Jacaré Moda is a modeling agency that is transforming the Brazilian fashion industry by challenging standards and norms, and bringing young people of peripheries to fashion.

The film tells the story of three models from Jacaré Moda: Caio, Camila, and Natália. Often discriminated against for their backgrounds, they looked to fashion as a way to learn, rediscover their self-esteem, develop their talent and originality. Through their stories, they express themselves as a force of change and as individuals who resist the idea that favelas are only a place of poverty and violence.

Directed by Geoff Levy
A film by Papel & Caneta
and Jacaré Moda 
Produced by Caio Baldini
Cinematography by Nathan Podshadley
Edited by Mah Ferraz
Additional Camera by Rodrigo Costa