Made for Damn Joan Magazine's Issue No.4: MADNESS.

It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad, super-mad, really-way-too-mad-to-deal-with world, and we could all use a little break. Call DAMN-MAD to enter a telephonic space where you will meet dogs, cats, the cast of Friends, Father Time, and maybe even Rachel Maddow if you’re lucky. CALL NOW. 1-833-DAMN-MAD!

Starring Christy DeGallerie

Produced by Lauren Teng
Cinematography by Chris Tharp
Edited by Mah Ferraz
Production Design by Nat Girsberger
Wardrobe by Haile Lidow
Make-Up by Alana Wright
Hair by Andrita Renee
Music by "Glitterer", Ned Russin
Color by Brett Price
ACing by Chiara Gerek
G&E by Jeffrey Gross