When Kuntz looks at a city’s architecture, he sees faces, torsos and limbs. in his GloboBot Series, Kuntz deconstructs the iconic buildings of a particular city, reshaping the parts into epic robots. With the support of Ogilvy Play, Kuntz was able o elevate his Globobot series to new heights – and depths – by building a 3D GloboBot out of the NYC skyline. Play is a creative grant that allows Ogilvy employees to indulge their creativity, curiosity, their inner oddness. The program asks a simple question: what do you want to do and how can we help?

I was enlisted in the creative team of in-house makers at Ogilvy to make this film, teaming up with director Emily Anderson.

Director: Emily Anderson
Director of Photography: Geoff Levy
Graphics & Animation: Blake Rutledge
Producer: Laura Lepre
Line Producer: Liam Christoffers
Color: Marco Cordero
Production Company: Hogarth & Ogilvy