Philips Norelco: Make You Happen

“My name is Mark Bustos, I’m a hairstylist based out of New York City. On my days off, I go out on the street and look for homeless people to help out. Whether it’s a haircut or just a conversation, I try to help brighten someone’s day.”

Mark Bustos offers confidence to those in need by giving them a shave and a haircut. Sometimes it’s all someone needs to feel the momentum needed to pick themselves up from the bootstraps. Philips Norelco helped Mark by giving him the proper tools he needed.

Director: Brandon Laganke
Cinematography: Ruben O’Malley
Creative & Additional DP: Geoff Levy
Copywriter: Eva Nagorski
Creative Direction: Bastien Baumann & Chris Rowson
Producer: Jessica Fiore
Production Company: H&O
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Client: Philips Norelco
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