IBM: Hack-a-Hairdryer

The concept: take a hairdryer – something typically viewed for beautifying purposes – and make it gender-neutral and techy. We got all rube-goldbergy to create some colorful, wind-powered rigs. We flung ping pong balls, made lettering out of hydrophobic liquid, and hot glued to skateboards. From concepting the rigs to designing camera language to building the set, it was all craft from the very beginning. All for an awesome cause.

The brand that originally produced the video has stopped promoting the campaign and is no longer associated with this video.

Director / DP / Editor: Geoff Levy
Rig Design, Storyboarding, Compositing: Blake Rutledge
Art Director: Andrea Hamann
Creative Director / Copywriter: Sam Mazur
Producer: Moitri Ghosh
Production Design: Julio Gomez
1st AC: Chris Tharp
2nd AC: Amelia Asilis
Gaffer: Leland Gorlin
Key Grip: Tron Lennon
Production: Liam, Dion, Joanne, Nick, Nekisa
Color: Marco Cordero
Sound Mix: Ken Meyer
Music: Jeff “Lewdite” Greenfeld
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